Serving 35% of the Fortune 100

We've been a trusted partner to Fortune 100 companies, leading relocation management companies and progressive moving companies for more than 35 years.



With a 98% client retention rate and an average of 15 years of service, our clients utilize us as a trusted consultant in an ever-changing global workforce.


“UNIRISC has been a proactive, dependable partner to BP and their transferees for over ten years.  Their experience and quick reaction time mean I have peace of mind when a transferee faces an unexpected loss during their relocation.  UNIRISC’s adjusters are responsive and put a difficult event back on the right track.  Knowing that my transferees are in good hands with UNIRISC after the disruption of a loss to their most personal belongings is invaluable.”

- Bill Robinson

International Mobility Vendor Lead

" Unirisc provides our clients with an added layer of protection through what could be a very stressful process. Their dedicated team of claim analysts are responsive, fair, and act with the customer’s best interests in mind. Unirisc’s global network of claims adjustors combined with their in-house expertise has provided our clients with immediate resolution and peace of mind worldwide. I’ve had the pleasure of working with Unirisc since 1995 and in twenty years  they’ve never let me (or my clients) down. Their seasoned team of claims analysts is the best in the industry. They’re responsive, knowledgeable, and provide resolution during what could otherwise become a very stressful situation. "

- Kyriako Bouris

Director of Global Transportation at Weichert Workforce Mobility

" Within Johnson & Johnson Talent Mobility we focus on the development of global leaders to support the future success of our global enterprise. We can’t meet this objective alone. We rely upon our valued suppliers, such as Unirisc, to execute flawlessly and to provide a high level of service and a certain standard of quality. Unirisc has been a direct supplier to Johnson & Johnson for a number of years and their dedication to Johnson & Johnson and our global employees is truly exemplary. The Unirisc team exhibits high standards and excellence in execution at all levels of the organization. Unirisc is an organization that fosters integrity, professionalism and efficiency throughout every transaction and interaction and that certainly reflects upon the success of our Talent Mobility organization. "

- Evelyn Danaher

GMS-T, Sr. Manager, Global Mobility at Johnson & Johnson

" Unirisc has been a valuable service partner for Citi for 20+ years.  I have personally been with Citi for this period of time and have the privilege to work directly with the same team at Unirisc.  I would like to note the Unirisc team are extremely knowledgeable of the product they provide Citi as well as Citi’s needs and expectations.  Unirisc and Citi share a common vision and purpose that continues to build our trust and openness.  Their services and programs has always been fair, courteous and above all, professional in every respect.  They deliver outstanding customer service and demonstrate a common understanding of the framework, culture, values, risk management and approach of a true partnership. "


- Sigrid Marco

Senior Vice President at Citi