Supplemental Movers & Van Line Valuation Insurance

Although many of our clients decide to replace their existing mover valuation coverage with our household goods moving insurance program, some companies prefer to keep their current contracts in place. Our supplemental movers insurance (often called supplemental van line insurance) is a great complementary service that helps fill the coverage gaps inherent in most of these policies outside of UNIRISC.

Our Supplemental Van Line Valuation insurance program allows you to supplement your current van line valuation coverage with an expanded and comprehensive insurance policy, while keeping your base valuation policy in place for convenience.

The supplemental movers insurance coverage is expanded to the following:

  • Domestic or International
  • Current contracts with van lines stay in place
  • Choose the coverages you want from:

Supplemental Van Line Insurance Program Features

With our van line valuation program, the following features are available:

  • Seamless implementation and integration
  • Customizable for your specific needs; choose which coverage components you need
  • Sliding storage period ranging from 30 days to 6 months
  • Optional “buy up” feature which virtually eliminates the need to pay for excess valuation on most shipments
  • Flexible billing options – ranging from ‘per move’ charges to a one time annual payment


For more information on the supplemental movers and van line valuation insurance coverage options we offer, contact us today.