Domestic Household Goods Moving Insurance

Moving your household goods is often a difficult task regardless of whether you are an employee experiencing a corporate relocation or an individual going through a personal move. Both businesses and individuals can often miscalculate how complex the relocation / moving process can be, even if it occurs domestically in the United States. Ensuring that you have domestic moving insurance helps protect you or your transferees from being victims of receiving damaged or missing goods. While moving companies will use the utmost care in transporting your household goods, there is always the risk of loss or damage.

As an employer, providing this type of household goods moving insurance is of great importance to your employees. Not only does it signify your investment in the employee, but it can help eliminate stress during relocation – this often results in more loyal, productive, and overall enhanced well-being of your employees. Being able to protect their financial security during a move is critical factor in establishing a strong working relationship.

Domestic Moving Insurance 

From a “Risk Management” perspective, we conduct on-going reviews of domestic moving insurance coverage with our underwriters responding to the ever changing demands of our clients. This helps result in the bar constantly being raised in terms of both the policy UNIRISC provides and its associated domestic household goods moving insurance & claims services.

Our goal over the life of this program has been to eliminate the “grey” areas of cover for our clients in effort to better define its application from a practical perspective. This has resulted in a wider scope of coverage which better serves our clients.

Among our available coverage enhancements are:

  • Acts of God
  • Pairs and Sets
  • Mechanical / Electrical Derangement
  • Mold / Mildew
  • Storage in Transit
  • Moth / Insect /Vermin
  • Collections
  • High Value (Fine Art / Oriental Rugs, etc.)
  • Extremes of temperature (rated and priced separately)
  • Atmospheric Conditions (rated and priced separately)

As stated above our program owes a significant amount of its success to our claims service which stands behind every move we insure. The emphasis to this aspect of the program can best be demonstrated by the following:

  • Annual volume of claims settled: 20,000 - 25,000
  • Customer service rating (Excellent / Good): 88%-90%
  • Number of “In-House” Claims Analysts / Adjusters/Assistants: 30
  • Average experience level settling household goods claims: 10 years
  • Average time to close a claim: 30 days
  • Subrogation success level “received vs requested”: 60%-90%
  • Repair Services: 750
  • Replacement Services: 10
  • Survey agents: 1,000

We’ve helped many Fortune 100 companies solidify their domestic relocation and household goods moving strategy with our insurance programs. For more information on the services we provide, contact us today.

If your organization is looking to obtain coverage for your transferees please contact us directly to obtain a corporate rate quote.