Vacant Home Insurance

Most domestic insurers will not cover dwellings that are vacant, unoccupied, or rented to another occupant. In some cases, limited coverage is provided; in most cases, domestic homeowner insurance companies do not provide coverage if an international assignees home remains unoccupied or is rented to another occupant.

UNIRISC supplies insurance coverage for vacant, unoccupied or rented dwellings (including both housing and condos) located anywhere in the United States, Canada and Europe. Our vacant home insurance (also known as unoccupied home insurance) can suit any businesses needs due to the flexibility & coverage options available.

Unoccupied Home Insurance – Coverage Features:

  • The definition of “Dwelling” includes vacant dwellings or dwellings rented to others (including condominiums)
  • The policy pays for reasonable repairs and other costs incurred by the insured to protect the dwelling from further damage following a covered loss
  • Vacant home insurance coverage is also provided for the breakage of glass or safety glazing material forming part of a covered building, storm door, or storm window
  • The contents of the dwelling can also be covered if a burglar alarm is maintained during the policy period
  • 10% of insured value of dwelling is automatically extended to insure other structured located on the residence premises
  • This policy also insures against liability suits brought for damages arising from the ownership, maintenance, or use of the dwelling. This coverage also includes defense costs and medical expenses.
  • Coverage extends to personal property remaining in the residence
  • Liability coverage available
  • Windstorm, flood, earthquake and vandalism are covered perils
  • Multiple deductible options
  • Easy reporting and certificate issuance
  • Rapid and responsive claims adjusting

If you are interested in our global vacant dwelling insurance, contact us for more details