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Frequently Asked Questions

Does my homeowner or renters policy cover my items for the move?

It can never hurt to ask your agent, but we have found that most homeowner policies will not cover your personal effects during the moving process.

Do you provide coverage for internal damage to electronics and mechanical items?

Many electronic devices such as televisions and computers have very sensitive internal workings. Sometimes even through just normal handling and / or the road vibrations encountered during transit, an internal malfunction may occur. Most transit policies exclude coverage for these internal damages, but the Unirisc policy does offer this coverage.

If only one or a few items of a set or pair are damaged do you compensate for the entire set or pair?

Pairs and sets coverage is another favorable coverage option available in the Unirisc policy, which is not available in others. One example of how this coverage works is, should a customer have a matching upholstered living room set consisting of a sofa, love seat and chair, and one component of the set is torn in the move, if this one piece cannot be restored to pre-move condition, coverage would extend to re-upholstering all three pieces in the same matching fabric.

What is an All Risk Insurance Policy?

An All Risk policy specifically identifies those risks which are excluded from coverage. Losses resulting from any causes not specifically excluded in the policy are covered.

What is a Named Perils Insurance Policy?

A Named Perils policy specifies the exact causes of loss for which the insurer will pay.

Are there any exclusions under this insurance?

Yes, as with all policies, there are specific items that are not covered. A few examples include money, jewelry and personal documents.

When does coverage for my household goods begin and end?

Coverage begins the moment the moving crew begins to prepare the shipment for loading and transportation, and coverage ends when the items are placed into the destination residence ,or into a storage location which is not authorized or covered for, in the policy.

Can I insure my automobile under this insurance?

Yes, the Unirisc policy will cover vehicles as long as there are household goods being shipped as well, and as long as the household goods carrier is managing the transportation of the vehicle.

How do I file a claim?

A claim form listing all damaged items must be completed and returned to Unirisc.

How long do I have to file a claim?

The filing period is 90 days from the date of delivery.

What is the claims process?

Depending on what is being claimed, processing actions may include one or more of the following:

  • Claim paid as presented
  • Inspection company assigned to evaluate damage and effect repairs
  • Paperwork requested from the moving company
  • Estimates / documentation / additional information requested from the customer

How long does it typically take to settle a claim?

The average processing cycle time is about 28 to 30 days. Naturally the nature of the claim will determine how long the process will take. For example, a claim consisting of a couple of scratches to some furniture pieces which can be repaired in the residence, will be processed quicker than a claim which requires that the craftsman remove furniture to his shop for refinishing.

How do I establish proof of ownership of my items?

Acceptable forms of documentation include original purchase receipts, appraisals, cancelled checks and credit card statements. Pre-move photos are also acceptable and can be used to substantiate ownership and value.

Do I need to take pictures of my items?

This is always a very good idea, especially with regard to high valued items such as antiques, collectibles, oriental carpets and artwork, just to name a few. It is best to keep these photos on your person as opposed to having them included with your shipment.

Do I need receipts to establish the value of my items?

Depending on the claim and the circumstances, you may be asked to produce original receipts or some other form of documentation to substantiate ownership and value. A good rule of thumb to keep in mind is that it is always the customer’s responsibility to be able to substantiate their claim.

What is an Appearance Allowance?

An appearance allowance is one settlement option that is made available when an item is damaged in the move, is still functional, but the damage cannot be repaired. One example would be a dent to the side of a refrigerator. If the side panel cannot be replaced, the two options offered may be to either:

  • Pay the replacement cost of the refrigerator and pick up the damaged one for salvage (or)
  • Pay an appearance allowance of $300 and allow the customer to keep the refrigerator “ as is”.

Are my items insured if my shipment goes into a mini/self/public storage facility?

No, coverage and liability ceases at the time the goods are delivered into such a facility.

For further information on any insurance terms please feel free to visit the National Association of Insurance Commissioners Glossary of Insurance Terms


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