International Household Goods Moving Insurance

International relocation services are a staple of building trust between your business and its employees, especially when individuals are relocating overseas or internationally. While moving companies pride themselves on delivering your household goods intact, doing this between nations can be a more difficult process – possibly resulting in damaged or loss of goods. This is where having international moving insurance is essential to protecting you or your employees household goods.


Employees who undergo international relocation are taking on a big risk and dealing with the stresses that come with moving.  Not only is the move stressful, but living in a new location adds another layer of worry for some employees.  As an employer / business, being able to remove some of that stress by ensuring that your relocated employees household goods are insured is a welcoming security blanket.


International Moving Insurance & Relocation Services


Our international relocation services include on-going reviews of global insurance coverage with our underwriters. As the international landscape constantly changes, UNIRISC has devoted itself to being best-in-class in terms of our policies and claim services. This includes everything from making sure that our clients understand all aspects of our policies, eliminating “grey” areas of coverage, outlining & customizing all international household goods insurance coverage enhancements, and helping remove the stress from the claims process. With these aggressive internal goals at the forefront of our mission, we have been able to provide a wider scope of coverage which helps better protect our clients.


Our international moving insurance coverage enhancements make it so that your international transferees household goods are protected in nearly all situations. Our coverages enhancements include Acts of God, Pairs and Sets, Mechanical/Electrical Derangement, Mold/Mildew,  Storage in Transit (SIT), Moth/Insect/Vermin Infestation, Collections, High Value Items (Fine Art/Oriental Rugs, etc.), Extremes of Temperature (rated and priced separately), and Atmospheric Conditions (rated and priced separately).
Some of our program benefits include: complete risk management capabilities, key metrics related to claims and carrier performance, assistance in negotiating more favorable terms with transportation providers, and being an advocate instead of adversary in the claim handling process.


These benefits have helped us build a reputation and led to results that cannot be argued. We handle almost 25k claims per year, have a 90% customer service satisfactory rating, employ over 30 in-house claims analysts & adjusters, and close our claims in an average of 30 days.

If your organization is looking to obtain coverage for your transferees please contact us directly to obtain a corporate rate quote.