Relocation Insurance & Risk Management Solutions

Designed for corporations with a significant number of employee relocations, we offer the following programs:

Domestic Household Goods Moving Insurance
International Household Goods Moving Insurance
Supplemental Movers & Van Line Valuation Insurance
Global Expatriate Renters & Living Insurance
Domestic Temporary Living Insurance
Vacant Home Insurance
Third Party Claims Handing Service

Coverage can be tailored to meet client needs by including or excluding specific perils. Claims are paid based on the cost to repair a damaged item, or if the item cannot be repaired, the cost to replace it with a similar one of the same quality at destination. Replacement cost of antiques and fine art is based on appraised value. Coverage is underwritten by the Indemnity Insurance Company of North America, an ACE Company with A.M. Bests "A" Rating.

Claims Service

No matter how careful the moving company, moving is inherently dangerous to household goods. Claims are frequent, and therefore claims adjusters are active members in the day-to-day service we provide. UNIRISC is unique in that all claims are adjusted in house, not handled by underwriters or farmed out to a third party. This allows for an unparalleled level of communication between account manager and adjuster and access for the corporate relocation coordinator to the person settling their transferees’ claims.

Furthermore, UNIRISC operates solely in the relocation niche; our adjusters handle only relocation claims - and they handle a lot of them, roughly 20,000 a year. They have seen it all: from the common broken china, and nicked or scratched furniture to the occasional van fire that consumes all of a transferees items, to the catastrophic warehouse flood that destroys several transferees lots all at once. This experience provides the expertise to settle claims quickly, and fairly thereby removing distractions from the transferred employee, allowing them to focus on their transition. This is why we consider claims adjusting the principal aspect of our product.

Preventing Claims Before They Happen

Knowledge gained from settling claims is passed on to future transferees in the form of pre-move insurance guides and counseling, preventing some claims from ever occurring while preparing the transferee for those that do. The end result is that even those employees that do not have damage to their shipment know that their employer provided a first rate benefit.

In addition, data collected during claim settlements is compiled into accurate reports that provide independent, impartial statistics to use to analyze the performance of the van lines that move the goods as well illustrate exactly how premium dollars are spent