Privacy Policy

Customer Data Protection Procedures

Effective Date - March 13, 2019

The following applies to all Customers and Clients of UNIRISC:

All personal information that comes into the possession of UNIRISC is treated as confidential and protected as such. No customer personal information will be disclosed either orally, electronically, or in a written format to anyone that is not authorized to have this information. This information is retained by UNIRISC only for the purposes of either placing coverage on your goods for your relocation, or handling your claim as a result of your relocation, or for historical loss purposes in the event of an audit, and only during the course of either of these activities.

Should any Customer request any changes or inquiries of their own information, they will be required to prove their identity to ensure that no type of phishing is taking place and that we are not releasing personal information to an unauthorized source.

Any third party firms that are given our Customer’s data as part of the insurance process must protect all personal data of the customer. third party firms must ensure that they handle and dispose of this data in an appropriate manner, and must shred paperwork or permanently delete digital files once they are no longer needed.

Third party firms are to use the information only for the initial contact and subsequent repair or inspection of the Customer’s items.
Third party firms are to keep the data secure at all times and dispose of the data in a proper manner specified to them.
Should you have any concerns with this privacy policy please contact us at