Does Your Moving Insurance Protect You Against a Natural Disaster or Act of God?

Moving insurance natural disasters

It seems that every few months another natural disaster is striking and leaving catastrophic amounts of loss in its wake. Homes, vehicles, businesses and belongings inside them have been destroyed and left many people looking to their insurance companies for relief. Luckily, most of the people in these areas have insurance coverage that protects them in the event that a natural disaster strikes and ruins their homes, cars, businesses and belongings.Unfortunately, if your moving van was transporting your household goods to or through one of these areas, or your goods are in permanent or temporary storage when a natural disaster hits, you might not be as lucky as those who had insurance coverage. Most insurance policies and van line valuation policies exclude Acts of God and Natural Disasters from their coverage, which would leave you left to pick up the pieces after having all of your goods destroyed.

It is because of this lack of options for transferees that UNIRISC incorporated coverage for Acts of God and Natural Disasters as standard in our relocation insurance policies. We believe that the responsibility should not be on the transferee when their shipment gets destroyed in a natural disaster while in transit or storage.

Make sure you or your organization checks their relocation insurance coverage to make sure that Acts of God or Natural Disasters are included in the policy for both transit and storage. To learn more about our relocation insurance click on our Domestic Moving Insurance or International Moving Insurance pages.